Exploiting League Settings 101: Fantasy Baseball Edition

This article will provide you examples of how you can take advantage of the scoring settings in your fantasy baseball leagues.

I joined a new league this year and was given one piece of advice by the commissioner: ‘draft starting pitchers.’ I took a look deeper and noticed that the league has a maximum of 9 starting pitchers per team and scoring settings are favorable to those that can eat innings and perform well on the mound. In other leagues I’ve played, the amount of starts your starting pitchers can have each week is capped, not the amount of starting pitchers you can roster. Note: this is a H2H points league, not roto.

Pitcher Scoring Settings

Given all of this information, it’s clear: take advantage of the scoring settings. But how? You see, every fantasy platform has a slightly different way of doing things. If you have an advantage in terms of information and how the platform works, you can use that to your advantage. So how does this apply here? What did you do? Some pitchers have a different designation despite predominately being a starting pitcher (RP or RP, SP or DH, SP). On ESPN, it’s the first position that matters. For example, if a pitcher has a ‘RP, SP’ designation, they count as a reliever. So, I targeted players that will allow me to have more starting pitchers (which score more points than the average reliever; therefore, giving me more points and an advantage). Note: ESPN can change these designations up until the season begins but not after.

The advantage players I drafted: Shohei Ohtani (DH), Jesus Luzardo (RP), Julio Urias (RP), Josh James (RP), and Drew Pomeranz (RP, SP – who will play in a SP spot, allowing me an extra reliever every day).

The advantage players I picked up: Freddy Peralta (RP) and Corbin Burnes (RP).

In addition, I drafted players based on projected points scored and ignored the ESPN rankings that have roto (a different scoring setting) influences in them.

Play smarter, not harder. Use these advantages to boost your odds in your fantasy baseball leagues.

-Cody, Founder of Sports Confidant

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