Fantasy Football Content Coming Soon

Welcome back confidants!

Today, I am announcing that I will be releasing free fantasy football content (on my Instagram, Twitter, and blog) every week of the season this year. I will be posting draft advice in the coming weeks, boom/bust plays of the week, teams of the week, daily fantasy sports lineups, and waiver wire pickups. In addition, I will individually help all of my confidants with their lineup advice for free this season. If you find my services useful and/or they help you win a championship or some money, I will provide a PayPal and Venmo for any generous tips you want to send my way.

Please follow me on Instagram and Twitter by pressing the social media logos in the upper right or by searching @SportsConfidant on either platform. I look forward to helping you all this season!


Venmo: @sportsconfidant

-Cody, Founder of Sports Confidant

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