Sports Confidant Fantasy Football Team of the Year 2020

Hello confidant, Today I am bringing you my favorite players for the 2020 football season and forming my fantasy football team of the year. This list was decided based my favorite players based on their average draft position (ADP). I always think of fantasy players in terms of value, and I find these players mostContinue reading “Sports Confidant Fantasy Football Team of the Year 2020”

Fantasy Football Content Coming Soon

Welcome back confidants! Today, I am announcing that I will be releasing free fantasy football content (on my Instagram, Twitter, and blog) every week of the season this year. I will be posting draft advice in the coming weeks, boom/bust plays of the week, teams of the week, daily fantasy sports lineups, and waiver wireContinue reading “Fantasy Football Content Coming Soon”

Predicting the NFL Draft with Combine Results – Linear Regression Analysis for Tight Ends

Welcome to the third and final edition of this series! I may bring it back to provide data since 2000 if the series performs well. To avoid any confusion, I recommend going back to the first two articles if you have not read them already. Today, we are going to look and see what statisticsContinue reading “Predicting the NFL Draft with Combine Results – Linear Regression Analysis for Tight Ends”

Predicting the NFL Draft with Combine Results – Linear Regression Analysis for Running Backs

Welcome back to the second part of this series! I plan for this series to cover one more position, but I can certainly do more if they perform well. In addition, I would like to look at results since 2000 and see if we can find if statistics are becoming more relevant and useful inContinue reading “Predicting the NFL Draft with Combine Results – Linear Regression Analysis for Running Backs”

A Simple Linear Regression Analysis of Fantasy Football Kickers

Today I am testing the adage that kickers score more fantasy points when their teams score more points. Some people tend to think the opposite could be true since worse football teams kick more field goals and field goals make up a majority of a kicker’s fantasy points. I decided to test these theories outContinue reading “A Simple Linear Regression Analysis of Fantasy Football Kickers”

Underrated Expert Fantasy Tips

No matter what fantasy sport games you play, these tips will help you elevate your game to the next level. These tips are fundamental, but they are guaranteed to increase your odds. Tip #1 – Understand the Scoring Settings: Know your leagues scoring settings like the back of your own hand. How can you playContinue reading “Underrated Expert Fantasy Tips”

The Dak Prescott Contract Saga

I decided to do something this morning that I almost never do – I turned on ESPN. ESPN has been washed up for years, but maybe I was looking for an inspiration or some ideas of what to talk about on my blog. Lucky for me, First Take was on with Stephen A. Smith, MaxContinue reading “The Dak Prescott Contract Saga”

Math Concepts for Fantasy Sports

While I continue to work on some preliminary analytical research, the easiest way for me to get the blog started is by presenting you alternate fantasy sports strategies and how I use math in fantasy sports. A potential struggle for me in writing this blog is learning how to successfully communicate analytics and statistical probabilityContinue reading “Math Concepts for Fantasy Sports”

The Sports Confidant You’ve Been Searching For

Hey there! Welcome to the Sports Confidant blog! My name is Cody, and I am a grad student studying Business Analytics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I recently graduated from Wisconsin with two degrees in Finance and Real Estate. As you can probably already tell, I have way too many passions to count (sports mostContinue reading “The Sports Confidant You’ve Been Searching For”